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Why all Americans should be Ashamed if they are not Wealthy! Part 2

In I gave you something very powerful, the definition of being wealthy. By simply defining the crossover point you should either have been happy because you have a certain level of wealth or you should be glad that you now have a defined goal to work towards.

As I have traveled the world I have seen the grand casinos in Monaco and the extreme poverty in Kenya. As I look at the devistation in Haiti I am reminded of the Philippines and hurrican Katrina. I lived in the Philippines for 3 years and the building construction looks almost identical to the ruins in Haiti. I lost a rental house in Katrina that was a few blocks away from my daughters house. The devastation in St Bernard Parish and the 9th ward affected all the buildings.

My point is that these disaster hit all of the folks in that area regardless of economic status. My daughter and her husband drove away before the hurricane hit. I had enough wealth that I was able to give them a safe place to live until things could work out (which was several months). Also because of my wealth I was up to date on my insurance payments and so even though my renter lost almost everything when I finally got reimbursed I was able to clear all debts on the property and give my rentor a check to cover most of the losses.

Now seeing the devastation in Haiti I say it is important to share your wealth regularly. I don’t run around handing out hundred dollar bills although I know there is a group of entrepeneurs that are. I donate to homeless shelters and foodbanks typically when they are low on supplies. Most people donate a few cans of food around Thanksgiving but ask yourself, “Don’t these people need food in July too?” The answer is of course yes!

Getting to Haiti. I am very happy to know that the Friday before the earthquake I donated blood. While I don’t know if my blood actually went to Haiti I take great comfort in that it was there and could easily have been one of the first pints on the scene. I will also donate money for the rebuilding process.

My final point is this, there is a two part thought to achieve the magic.

  1. To help others in times of trouble makes you feel wonderful!
  2. To know that you can do this without being a burden on others because of your financial status is truly one of the keys to being wealthy and successful!

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  1. Hi Sharp Guy,

    I have really liked what you said in Part I and II of this Wealth blog! By illustrating the principles you espouse by your actions in your life that show the results of what you wrote is what it is all about! I also have mostly orchestrated my life to these ends, but didn’t pay myself first in investments, etc. measures of that ilk, that would have given me more leverage of where I am now in finances! Great Article!

    Love, Lila B.

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