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What are the Manuscripts, What is Neothink

  While reading the manuscripts, amazing visions you will see, you will automatically start to neothink. Through your new perspective with Neothinking, you will see that many adverse physical conditions and situations or circumstances that you are not happy with, are merely reflection images. “Life” merely mirrors what you send out through your thoughts. They are reflection images of things you have to deal with in order to clear out your path towards the new “reality” you saw within your visions. Clearing out the garbage is the Master Key to the reality of your dreams.mirrorimageTaking control over your mind is the doorway to creating the life that you want for yourself. Once you do that, you can prevent the previous subconscious roadblocks that have been manifesting inside. And you can then, remain open for the wisdom and inspiration from the infinite source of knowledge that will openly come to you. 

Have you been searching for the Gift buried deep down inside of you, the Gift we are all born with, most have never discovered it. Finding the Gift- is the Power held inside each and everyone of us as we are developing from birth. 

We use this magnetizing power during our first five years of development. Most never realize this power, due to certain circumstances that surround us. As we get older we adapt to only the realities we see in front of us. We are only led to believe nothing else exists, except what is real with sight, feel, taste, and hear.

 Thoughts Create, good, bad, or indifferent. What you think about will always come back to you. The connection made with the magnetizing power  You hold within you is always out to please, and knows no different, except to bring to you what you want; simply connecting with your thoughts.

 Decisions are made through thought. Many decisions made turn out different than one had hoped. As one reads information, New Knowledge is entered into the mind; confusion and doubt with negative thoughts may manifest, which in turn brings results you did not want, usually because of simple words such as; no way, I can’t, never mind, it will never be, and so on and so on until the first initial vision is gone and forgotten. 

When times are tough and your looking for answers, you may shout out loud into space for help, and many times asking is without believing that you’ll get the answer. Sometimes you don’t think that you deserve the answer. At other times, you’re pleading and begging and talking so much that you can’t hear the answer. 

But what most of us never realize when looking for the answer; the answer within the first vision was right in front of us. Tuning into your mind, your visions, your intuition, this is Nature’s Creation of the human being and the animals around us. Notice the animals are more in tune to the surrounding messages given to them, they seem to be aware of approaching storms or earthquakes, seasons changing etc. 

We have the same abilities but for most of us the mind is filled with confusion, with so much doubt, worry, and fear that we can’t hear ourselves think, there is so much noise, conflicting voices, and useless conversations going on inside, we give up and are content to sit back and do nothing; as a result we trap ourselves into a belief system of failure.  

All thoughts are changed when you read the manuscripts, all thoughts are changed into neothinking; a new way of thinking. You will discover the feelings of loving something you always have had a deep desire for.

 Desire is the motivating power behind all actions. When you become alert of your true desire the Will awakens from deep down inside you, the energy that lies asleep will spring into action, and the soul obtains a higher satisfaction. You will see within your visions that come when reading, the message will be seen through your thoughts, and they will bring to you all your answers.

 I have reread the manuscripts absorbed its contents with the belief and desire to find the secrets, then like magic an opportunity came my way, to attain the book Think and Grow Rich. Integrating my noethinking ways while reading and absorbing its contents, the silent communication from the magnetizing supreme intelligent force connected within me. I can now see the “matter” that surrounds me, and I understand my purpose of the life lessons learned and the future of where I was meant to be.

 Combining the readings of the Manuscripts and Think and Grow Rich, the discovery has been made; finding the “I” contained within my inner self. I have discovered the “Light” from within my Soul.

 We are all unique as individuals, but in common as a whole, we all have the feelings, and emotions, that come from the love of something. This Gift is inside each and every one of us, and when you discover this secret, you will cherish the day once you find your own unique love of something you secretly hold deep within your desire contained in your subconscious mind.

 This secret is yours and only you can hold it deep within you, never to share it with anybody, except to tell the reality of facts, to teach another find their own unique secret. We all hold this Gift and when discovered, exhilaration of joy, happiness, and excitement will come every time it is connected with your thoughts of thinking about what it is you want to come into your life.

 As adults many life lessons had to be learned only because we hadn’t discovered the why. Understanding this new knowledge and sharing it with others, a new world will be amongst us.

 The percentages of; if only one out of one hundred parent or grandparent will learn this teaching that has been written, and restore the Gift they were all born with, and teach their children and grand children about the gift they are born with, and these children capture , and are able to hang on to it, and develop it into a strong infinite source; children love teaching other children what they learn and know, it will be then, a faster realization into a new world, a new Creation of life will be formed for all mankind.

 Discover your Gift of Neothink, and The twelve Visions Party.

 Your Desire of change is coming with the creation of thought, united together as a whole!


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  1. Dale, you put into words the same as what’s inside me. It’s almost as if you were inside my heart and mind. These words of yours I desire to share with my five adult children.
    You are a loved Neo-Think brother.

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