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Neothink Inside Secrets is by far the best book I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading in my life

Neothink Inside Secrets is by far the best book I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading in my life.  I didn’t get bored, especially with that many pages to read.  It really opened my eyes to a better way of looking at life than what I had been previously taught from society and my religious up bringing as a Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Very interested in learning more about Biological Immortality.  Have started the CAS Happiness Diet, and feel alot better..

I have always felt that the FDA,is what is holding us back from having many cures to today’s health problems (the old treat instead of cure).  I enjoyed learning that my way of thinking had a name-“MYSTICISM”. The entire book was an eye-opener. Thank You Mark….

Yours Respectfully,

Paul D

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