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Thank goodness for neothinkers

for those who do not know neothink, knows nothing at all. You become a diffence person and you think better. You do not think as the world do, but as you are to. You are a much better person then what you are. And this is one they cannot stand for. Thank goodness for neothinkers. yours N.Jackson

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  1. Neothink does make all the difference in the world. One becomes a free-thinker and allows others in the world to do the same. Peace, love, and happiness result. Want to know why? Visit and learn more about Mark Hamilton, founder of the Neothink Society.

    Catch a hug Neothinker!

  2. N. Jackson,

    Another thought, if you haven’t heard about “Wealth, Health, Peace” to bring about “The Most Ambitious Get-Rich Program for the Masses In the History of Mankind” you need to call 1-888-859-6859 to order your next valuable asset.

    What will Mark Hamilton, founder of the Neothink Society® offer to us next? We learn about the best Self Leader System, to finding hope, as one finds control of that which can be controlled in life. Some of the members volunteered to assist with some writings and you can check them out at

    Jill Reed

  3. Dear N.Jackson,
    I’ll agree with you that Neothinking is where it’s at! There is nothing else like it.
    To see in very wide scope pictures, holistic that contain all the puzzle pieces that make up what you are probing and trying to understand=then Eureka! Out comes the answer(s)! to something you are seeking. If the world was open-minded and people not afraid for their jobs or whatever, All would be free to be as creative as they are able to be, and even progress in their creative genius to help even more people with their ideas. I guess “the world” is just not grown up enough to be generous with her people, kind, and replenishing of their energies, in the ways we all need anyway. I praise Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, and Twelve Visions Party for carrying that freedom-feeling at all times.
    Love, Lila Bennett

  4. I keep getting these letters apparently from a Mr. Hamilton (whom I have never met) telling me I’m special a person and I have been selected to join the active Neothinker Membership… I have gotten the first 2 books in Neothinking and honestly I haven’t finished it all…But I find it strange to be especially selected and that I have a special profile…a profile that fits geniuses such as those like Steve Jobs,Henry Ford….But how do they know me.?.. How was I found?…Who are they or Mr. Hamilton so to speak?…I’m so curious but so confused as how I was found and why I am being asked to join this club….Can someone give some advice or help?…I’m trying to make a shift in my life right and I Like what I hear , but I’m in such a dark spot in life to make a decision with my life…. and I just randomly got this letter and received prior letters…..I don’t know what to do:(

    Thanks for your feedback and if there is none, thank you for letting me post on your blog.

    Rudy A.

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