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In the hands of a creator

My grown children, husband, and I visited the Skywalk over the Grand Canyon almost three summers ago when it first opened. We had to experience this
Engineering marvel!
It was truly magnificent but more importantly, I can remember how I felt-not scared, as some of our friends & family suggested, but truly exhilarated and free. I felt like I could see forever and that there was no “end” in sight. I could almost touch the sky and feel the power of the wind beneath my wings! I could hear the wind rustling through our hair and clothes and beckoning us to feel and enjoy the power of life! The magnificent rocks seemed to channel the winds and say, “Follow me”.
At the same time, I felt safe-dangling over a cliff, thousands of feet above the Grand Canyon. I knew the people who had built this marvelous structure were very talented and cared about what they were creating. They made a place where people could come and enjoy a totally new, special experience in life.
Even the people who worked there and took us on the tour were so friendly and seemed to enjoy their work, interacting with the people, and sharing their new found creation!
We touched the past through the surrounding Indian art and touched the future standing on a structure that might have been “impossible” to build had it not been for someone’s ingenuity, dreams, and desire to succeed. I was in awe!
I felt like I could stand on that bridge forever and that the time spent there was much too short! But I took away a memory and a feeling that I will carry for many years to come.
We talked about the area on the long drive to the Skywalk. It was bare, desert land that was sparsely populated. We talked about the possibilities that existed there in the future-hotels, casinos, jobs, wealth, better roads, and a better life. We could “see” beautiful new structures with fountains and massive glass buildings lining the road and creating a new future for the residents there-most of who currently lived in a “depressed” living condition.
Tonight when I heard Mark’s speech, my heart jumped into my throat when he announced his part in building that Skywalk! The words jumped off the pages and I realized that all that I had read in his books, had become a REALITY …and my family and I had the privilege of experiencing it first hand!! The things he has written about are real!
I usually find it difficult to express my feelings on paper but tonight it was easy. The words just poured from my heart!
Am I a believer? YES! If I had any doubts-there are now none! Will I faithfully follow Mark Hamilton? YES! I have seen, touched, and felt his words and promises! Thank-you, Mark for such an honor! RC-TN

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  1. Hi Ruth,

    For someone who usually finds it difficult to express, you have surely found your inner tongue in this writing. You have such a gentle and lovely way of expressing freedom of soul! I, too, would love to experience the Skywalk, and will at some point. I love how you felt the “time” of the past and future come into the present=very poetic. I do understand your dedication to what Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society, and the TVP will accomplish. I feel it, too!

    Love, Lila

  2. Ruth,
    THANK YOU for your magnificent description of the Grand Canyon Skywalk! On my list of things “to do” I have not yet visited the skywalk. But reading your description I could compose a very vivid picture in my mind and felt as though I were there with YOU. Neothink minds are the most creative minds of our time. What else will we create as days go forward?
    In Pure Love and Honesty
    Deb H

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