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Neothink have helped me through my ups and downs


The materials that you have put out over the last four years that I have known about Neothink have helped me through my ups and downs. The Three volumes were truly wonderful, but the best was the First Immortals. The story is like a kick start and I would suggest that all people read it. Idea for Mark, make it a pdf or epub that can be distributed faster. Oh and in another year if you need a Bruce Salinski call me. But Mark Hamilton is brimming with ideas that need to be utilized. Great and Awesome. Pierce the veil and see the Wizard behind the curtain. Stop being afraid and make your life better with your own hands.

All change begins with me,

Quincey Ross

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  1. Hi Mark,

    I’m trying to obtain Bruce Salinski’s mailing address at his Widescope Accounting Lawyers Office. My attorney son has been targeted unfairly by the IRS here in Hawaii so I’m trying to gathering any info on how I might be able as a father to help my son. I’ve read the awesome story about what Bruce did for Miss Annabelle & Mr Melbourne in your Volume III Neothink publication. I want you to know that I have abundantly enjoyed reading all 3 volumes of your Neothink publications & am looking forward to reading your father’s Neo-Tech publication which I just received today. I am also looking forward to starting your Master Apprentice Meetings Program via your Neothink (R) Meetings Website now that I have returned from a three week vacation away from Hawaii. Thank you for providing me withh my Username & Password. You are certainly doing a super job with your publications & I would like to say that I think you are a true genius.

    John A.

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